Eko Fresh EKScalibur - CD

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Eko Fresh EKScalibur - CD

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Eko Fresh EKScalibur – CD

This is a pre-order. The bundle will be released on 03.11.23
The GOAT is back with his 11th studio album!
Our king of all has dropped bars again: "EKScalibur" is the name of the 14-track boom bap and lofi spectacle, because nobody makes hip hop like him anymore. Completely produced by Jan van der Toorn, the Eko we've been missing flows and also offers us something to get us going, such as the cinema soundtrack "Nur ein Dream" or the absolute retroflash "Mein Revier", which takes everyone back to their youth.
The album's central theme takes us on a journey we haven't taken in a long time. Where are the obligatory autotune hooks and raps that kick off branded clothing rhymes? Oh, they don't exist, it's "EKScalibur" . "Hip hop is now available for those without complexities," as the track "Learning Curve" says. A modern classic that gets by without any fillers and raises the bar for German rap albums a little higher.
Only Eko manages to bring together guests from Farid Bang to Oli P or from Keith Murray to Finch and create a crystal clear overall picture. So if you are missing real art, you are in good hands here, because from the artwork to the mastering of the beats, creativity meets experience and skills meet entertainment. Absolutely great cinema! He pulled the sword from the stone - "EKScalibur" , there is nothing left to say except: "it was worth the trip!"