Identitaeter EP


Identitaeter EP

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Chefket - Identitaeter EP Vinyl

The EP "Identitaeter" offers eight songs and 28 minutes of playing time, eight snapshots of the inner life and thoughts of an artist who expresses his opinion without swear words or humiliation. The songs "Identitaeter" and "Zeitlupe" paint a very personal picture of the life and career of the artist Sevket Dirican, his real name. "Was wir sind" takes aim at German society with guest Marteria and a wink. "Entscheide du", together with Motrip and Tua, calls for people to have their own opinions and to stand up for them. The piece "Keine Angst" has a similar message. Finally, "Made In Germany" takes a critical look at the handling of arms exports before CHEFKET, together with Samy Deluxe and "Nach vorn", clearly sets the direction. The beats are all very casual and, like the lyrics, radiate a positive atmosphere, apart from "Made In Germany", which is darker and more direct.