"Villain Of Your Dreams" ltd. Fan Box
"Villain Of Your Dreams" ltd. Fan Box

Naomi Jon

"Villain Of Your Dreams" ltd. Fan Box

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"Villain Of Your Dreams" strictly ltd. Album Box by Naomi Jon

Hey broccolis!

If you're seeing this, you're coming from YouTube and you're the first ones to see this EVER.

I can't believe it's finally time to introduce my baby, "Villain Of Your Dreams," to you. I've been working on her for the past two years, and the fact that you'll soon be able to listen to it and actually hold the box in your hands is making me go crazy!!!

The contents and the look of this strictly limited box are still a secret, but over the next few weeks, I will announce everything that's in there and what the box actually looks like. Trust me, it will be good!!


PS: If you're wondering what the different sizes are for, it will be an oversized piece of clothing for your torso hehe.

Album release date 16.08.2024

This is a pre-order product, delivery will take place on date of release!!!