LEX - WASTELAND (Ltd. Deluxebox)


LEX - WASTELAND (Ltd. Deluxebox)

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Welcome to the sonic dystopia of "Wasteland" - the debut album by artist Lex. Immerse yourself in a world where alternative rock, grunge and hip hop merge into one sound. Lex takes us to a dark place where individual sound meets the depths of human emotions.
'Wasteland' is more than just an album, it is an artistic experience that moves away from the mainstream. Lex sets himself apart with this work and creates his own space in the world of alternative rock. Dive in and discover the dark beauty of "Wasteland" - an album that not only has to be heard, but experienced.

Of course, for the complete experience, a limited deluxe box for his fans is a must. Lex will gradually reveal the contents of the box over Instagram over the next few weeks.

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