The four best newcomers of a new comedy generation should actually be competitors and enemies, but they have come together to form the comedy collective 4FEINDE to completely shake up the German comedy landscape. After playing their very first show from nothing in the Lanxess Arena, the largest event hall in Germany, they are now going "back to the roots" - back to the country's somewhat smaller stages. Where comedy can be experienced up close.

But who are the four boys and what makes them special?

Alex Stoldt captures the dry, North German humor like no one else. Without facial expressions and gestures, but with special structures, unpredictable punch lines and an absurd perspective on the most ordinary things, he delights the audience.

Marvin Hoffmann is the high-voltage line among German comedians. Energetic and engaging, he finds comedy in situations where it is not normally to be found.

Yorick Thiede is one of the most striking figures in the German comedy scene. With expressive looks and sensitive observations, the initially rough-looking comedian fascinates his audience.

Sebo Sam is living anarchy on guitar and piano and has nothing to do with classic comedy. His performances are an experience that cannot be understood, but simply experienced. Never before have disbelief and tears of laughter been so close together.


They have already won the most important young talent awards in established formats such as Nightwash or the Quatsch Comedy Club and are now – driven by the belief that anything is possible – putting on a superlative show of their own. And they are the most unknown people to have ever played in the LANXESS Arena.