Der Asiate

Der Asiate

Almost 7 years after his last solo album “Kätzchenfleisch” and 5 years after his collaboration album “BangShui”, with rap colleague “4tune”, Der Asiate is back.

His new record

“Denk an mich” is expected in spring 2023 and will include various new styles and genres, of course with well-known features from the “German rap scene”.

The song “Für die ewige ewig” with rapper “Lumaraa” has been streamed over 80 million times on all platforms and has become an anthem against “bullying” and racism over the last three years.

At the beginning of 2022, “Der Asiate”, with the dance producer “Zombic”, will release the song “Gruß aus der Zone”, in which they clear up prejudices about their homeland “East Germany”.

A short time later, he was featured on the number 1 album “Yellow Bar Mitzvah” by “Sun Diego” and with the song “Legenden” they were able to secure 11th place in the German Single Trend Charts in April 2022.