Release on 13.10.2023

"Lost 4 Life"

A lifestyle, an attitude and now finally the first studio album by LOST, an absolute milestone in the career of the Berlin trio.

With "Bam Bam", their journey began at the end of 2021 with a loud bang that made many conservative minds sweat. LOST suddenly slipped onto the map of the New Wave hip hop era in Germany. JP, CARDIE and NIQU are three guys from Berlin who are fluent in the language of Generation Z and never mince their words. With their versatile sound of rap, urban pop, post-punk and trap, LOST have already built up a hungry fan base. Here, humorous lyrics mix with strong punchlines to create a language that rolls off the tongue of LOST like hardly anyone else.

Starting small and dreaming big, LOST are now finally being seen - the community is growing, the stages are getting bigger, and so are the dreams! In their latest release "MIT DEN BRES" (30.6), the three Berliners already skilfully hint at their fine sense for moving beats, strong melodies and bitingly humorous lyrics. On further precursors of LOST 4 LIFE ("FÜR DICH", "RENN" & "AUẞER MIT DIR"), JP, CARDIE and NIQU also incorporate their pop-punk attitude, which rounds off their musical identity.

With their debut album, LOST finally delivers the musical milestone that their growing community has long been wanting: catchy hooks, funny lyrics and fat beats meet modern sounds with tech house elements. LOST take their listeners on an exciting journey that is already underway for a while but is somehow only just getting started.

LOST 4 LIVE also marks the start of the tour of the same name in November.


• Over 16 million streams on Spotify alone
• Over 330k monthly listeners on Spotify
• Strongly growing social media community and fan base
• First own headliner shows in Berlin and Hamburg (2022)
• First radio support in Germany by Kiss FM, BigFM, Unser Ding

"Uh LOST - we're back!"

And the next banger can come! When LOST is on stage, it's time to rock! These three Berlin guys can't be pigeonholed so easily, because their music is as versatile as they are.

The three exceptional talents create their very own sound from rap, urban pop and trap beats peppered with rock and techno elements. Cheeky lines, a pinch of melancholy and the craziest urban beats combined in this trio - a top-class package!

They started small and dreamed big and are now about to take over the game completely. JP, CARDIE and NIQU don't skimp on humor and always put a smile on their fans' faces with their crazy style. Chilling drunk in the park is a thing of the past - it's time for the really big stages! But there's no sign of soaring highs, because "LOST forever" is the motto here!

Anyone who hasn't seen these guys live probably has their life out of control.


“I'm lying fat on the couch and I'm throwing away a tenner”

It won't be long now and LOST fans will soon be able to hold the long-awaited LOST 4 LIFE debut album in their hands! To shorten the wait a little, LOST are releasing another track from the album: "10er" will be available to listen to from September 22nd! In typical LOST style, " 10er" comes with a pumping beat, the usual witty lyrics and a rousing hook!

"10er" is a song that humorously captures the chaotic yet fascinating lifestyle of the young generation. On the one hand, the dream of big money, on the other hand, the sober reality and everyday life. Counting the last change for the next 10er to let yourself be carried from one high to the next. The house and the yacht in Saint Tropez will probably have to wait a little longer. Living on the edge is the motto for now. The catchy hook and the driving beat encourage you to sing along and dance, while the lyrics highlight the contrast between big dreams and limited means in an entertaining way. A situation that many can identify with...

With the new album LOST 4 LIFE , JP, CARDIE and NIQU, accompanied by fat beats and urban sound, give an insight into their world and invite listeners to smile at themselves and at the same time celebrate their own lifestyle.

“I’m not a millionaire but I really want to be one”