La Lune – the moon

The appearance of Mailan Ghafouri, alias Lune, who is just eighteen years old, is just as bright as the fascinating ball in our sky. In a very short time, the young artist from Heidelberg has developed into one of the most influential personalities in a genre that lies somewhere between German hip hop and pop music.

It is precisely this balancing act that makes up a large part of Lune's identity: modern beats with fast hi-hats and powerful kicks are accompanied by Lune's catchy voice - paired with haunting melodies, the young singer makes each of her tracks unique and quickly sticks in the listener's ear.

The big breakthrough

After many song teasers on Instagram and Tik Tok, Lune had her first big appearance on the single "CR1MINEL" with German rap superstar Samra. After this first success, she followed up with her first single "gebe auf.", which was to be Lune's big breakthrough and with which she is now on the verge of receiving her first gold award with her first own track.

Further hit singles followed, such as “Entourage” and “SOS”, which once again brought the unique mixture of German-French singing into focus and thus significantly sharpened the artist’s profile.

In 2021, Lune released a very personal single called "alles verdient." in which the singer with Kurdish roots addressed her parents' escape from northern Iraq - the accompanying music video was shot there. A music video was created under adverse conditions that does justice to the relevance of the song. Lune's debut EP "MONDSCHEIN" was released in August 2021 - here you can hear hits like "DU BIST DER FEHLER." and "HAB NUR EINE BITTE".