Rhymin Simon

Rhymin Simon

summa cum laude

We asked 100 people … and 100 people said “Summa
Cum Laude”, the 7th album by Berlin nightlife legend Rhymin Simon, has received high praise.

Whipped through like on the underground classics “Mit Pint
und Pegel” and “Siegen oder Sterben” but always fresh on point as if it was from
Tomorrow - well, the day after tomorrow - Rhymin Simon puns on “Summa Cum Laude” about
Your mothers. In the spirit of equality - everyone gets something.

Beats by Sean Ferrari, Max Vol and
WOOSHY and together with the
magical addeN, the soulful Ipp and the Kreuzberg masters MachOne and
Mike Martn rates Rhymin Simon “at least 9 of the 13 songs absolutely sick - the remaining songs are
rather outstanding.” With a smile, he recommends that you listen to

"Hell of a
Drug - or even directly outskirts, depending on what you need."

And as if that wasn’t spectacular enough,
“Summa Cum Laude” can be ordered in a bundle, together with the first Rhymin
Simon shirt motif that has ever existed. On a shirt, sweater or hoodie. Treat yourself.